Whirlwind Winery

Whirlwind Winery is Oklahoma.  We use only Oklahoma grown grapes to create a variety of pleasing and inspiring wines

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In Vino Veritas "in wine [there is the] truth"


Whirlwind Winery was formed in 2005 by Brad Stinson and Dan Rhea. Two friends who met while working on cruise ships traveling the world. After numerous tours in Europe and around the globe, these shipmates decided to start a winery after "sampling" wines in numerous ports of call.  Originally located in Fay, the first batch of wines were produced in a small temporary building set just off the old Fay main street.  In 2008 a fantastic opportunity allowed the winery to move to its current building on historic Watonga's main street.

Early 2011 Don Molnar joined Whirlwind Winery.  As a long time vineyard owner and grape grower, Don has been an unofficial part of Whirlwind since the very first grape harvest.  The winery is extremely fortunate to have Don and his family on board.

Whirlwind Winery's looks back on it history and is excited about the future as it continues to expand, continues to influence our industry and community, and most importantly is steadily improving the quality of our wines.

Whirlwind Winery is committed to producing fine wines, discovering Oklahoma Terroir, expanding culture in western Oklahoma, supporting value-added agriculture products, and encouraging Agri-tourism.  We thank you, the curious novices, the dedicated wine drinkers, and the adventurous Oenophiles, for your passion and support.  Cheers!

Mission Statement:   "Drink Wine, Have Fun, and Rock On!"

     Brad Stinson - Winemaker

     Don Molnar - Vineyard Operations

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